We infuse our skincare products with powerful superfoods - from raw leafy-greens to pure fruit extracts and potent flower hydrosols.

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We are giving old beauty recipes that are time-tested and proven effective a modern twist, using the simplest possible blends of whole, high-potency ingredients to create products that truly work.
Our specially designed super simple natural skin care regimen will help you to achieve a glowing skin, hydrated, toned and radiant, that needs little to no make-up naturally.

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Our Best Sellers

sosimple gentle face cleanser
"Rinse & Shine" Milky Cleansing Grains

Kick-start your day with our Milky Cleansing Grains and say hello to silky glowing skin. Every morning our milky grains will help to cleanse the sleep from your face, tighten the pores and awake your senses.

anti-aging serum
"Sleeping Beauty" Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C Anti- Aging Serum

Serum provides intense, hyaluronic-rich hydration, plumps fine lines very well, and makes an excellent base for make-up. It applies easily and soaks into the skin quickly which makes it perfect for the lazy girl's beauty cabinet.

refreshing face mist
"Fresh 'n 'Cool" Rose, Cucumber & Horsetail Face Toner

Our Rose, Cucumber & Horsetail Face Toner is a rejuvenating, lightweight mix of hyaluronic acid, plant extracts and essential oils. Toner is used to even skin tone, restore pH balance, and making skin freshly hydrated.